Medium Rare

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Jeanette’s first book that details how she went from being a bank manager in the UK to stepping onto stage in New Zealand as a fledgling medium.


Jeanette Wilson is an Medium with and amazing talent. Her story is an extraordinary one. It is a story of courage and of exploration.

It is a brave person who would give up what most people would look upon as the ultimate job – a bank manager for Lloyds in the UK – and bravely step forward as a fledgling medium.

Medium Rare follows Jeanette’s life through her banking days to her first Medium show. Jeanette was a young woman on a mission to the top of her career and despite the hurdles she made it. She was a skeptic, a non- believer, disinterested in the ‘mysteries of life’. The day Jeanette started seeing ‘dead people’ is the day her life began to change.

Although confused and often desperate Jeanette continually sought answers. Her search often led to dead ends. Sometimes that search led to blindingly clear answers. Slowly the path became clear; she knew what she must do.

Her journey is one of emerging self -awareness and awakening.

It is a fascinating and extremely readable story. It may lead you to question events in your own life, it may change your view, it WILL leave you wanting more!


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