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Join me every morning at 8am New Zealand time for a FREE spiritual teaching and guided meditation to help you start your day with a peaceful mind and a loving heart.


Jeanette is a remarkable healer  -  if you are looking for healing for yourself or a loved one – please see the HEALING section for samples of Jeanette’s work or the SHOP section to make a Distant Healing appointment

Jeanette is passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

Jeanette offers a range of development workshops ( online & in person) – that help people become more conscious & unfold their individual gifts in a safe and supportive environment.

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Jeanette’s Inner Circle

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Join Jeanette’s Inner Circle and get immediate “members only” access to Jeanette’s exclusive ‘INNER CIRCLE with Jeanette Wilson’ Private Facebook group.The videos including her television series Dare To Believe.

Also featuring

  • Jeanette’s Story
  • Exclusive Training & Development videos
  • Recordings of Jeanette’s healing demonstrations
  • 10 Episodes of Dare to Believe

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Please Note: When demand is high it can take up to a day to add you to Jeanette’s Inner Circle exclusive private facebook group at times.


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