Nu-me Silver Skinny FORTITUDE

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This is the pendant Jeanette wears and is demonstrated at some of her LIVE events.

The Nu-Me is it is unique – it is definitely not just another protective and balancing pendant. Compare our testing with that of any other protective/balancing pendant and you will see how we can make such a statement with complete confidence. Our 30 day money back guarantee means that you don’t have to take our word for it you can try and test it for yourself.

The design and technology we use in our Nu-Me protective pendant range is exclusive to Life Energy Designs. There is not another protective pendant that balances the personal energy system as well as protecting you from all disturbed energy, with includes electromagnetic radiation, in the same way as the Nu-Me protective pendant. The embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies help your healing journey at a causal level – emotional, spiritual and physical. It will also:

• Help you sleep

• Help you heal at the causal level

• Keep you calm in any situation

• Help eliminate stress in any situation

• Boost your energy levels

• Balance your chakras

• Aid your immune system

• Protected 24/7 from all forms of unbalanced energy and entities.

• Protected 24/7 from EMF

The Nu-Me protective pendant is good to look at not merely functional like so many protective pendants – it is a finely crafted piece of unisex jewellery that looks great on both men and women.

• Compact size (2.5cm dia. or 1″) finished in silver with Swarovski crystals set in the face. This size is ideal for the energy-sensitive (men, women and children). They give full protection and are so easy to wear.

• The Nu-Me comes with a waxed cotton cord with a silver but can be worn on any chain or choker and ships with a drawstring pouch.

When the Nu-Me Protective pendant is worn centrally on the body it does more than protect you from all forms of disturbed and unbalanced energy and entities. It will also balance your own energy system keeping you calm, boosting your energy levels and aiding your immune system. The scalar waves embedded in our Nu-Me pendants in the solfeggio healing frequencies make sure that you have the best possible chance for living a healthy life at optimum levels.

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