Backstage with Jeanette

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Jeanette’s fourth book is deeply moving. In it Jeanette shares the stories that were too personal/emotional to share in front of an audience that can help us all to heal



Every year, medium Jeanette Wilson travels the country bringing hope and comfort to hundreds of New Zealanders. But while her experiences as a medium may look glamorous on our television screens,  there us another challenging side to her work.

Jeanette’s popular stage shows are sometimes just the prelude to her receiving more poignant and beautiful messages that are too personal to be recorded for television or even delivered in front of an audience. In Backstage with Jeanette she takes the reader behind the scenes to share the most significant of these messages, as well as other aspects of her work – searching for missing people, working with those facing death or battling for life, helping families come to terms with the death of a child.

Through her experiences, Jeanette hopes to bring comfort, questioning, and ultimately understanding and peace to those who have lost a loved one.

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