Jeanette offers two different types of shows  -  Psychic Surgery ( for people needing healing ) & Listening to Heaven (suitable for people who need to know that their loved ones live on) teachings  often come through at both events.

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Psychic Surgery with the Entities of Light

In this two hour show Jeanette works with advances spirit and inter-dimensional beings to bring about the most incredible healings.

The healing that the Entities are capable of can assist most conditions, however at the LIVE show Jeanette will ask for volunteers who require healing for physical conditions, that if they improved the audience would see.

A group healing at the end of evening plus a team of 17 spirit world guides means that everyone attending the evening has the opportunity to receive healing at some level.

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Listening to Heaven

It is hard to describe the feeling you have at one of Jeanette's shows. Jeanette uses spirit world's assistance and the quality of her own consciousness to create a sacred space into which loved ones can be brought to communicate what they most need to say, or what you most need to hear. It's an uplifting and inspiring experience with occasional tears and laughter when it is most needed.

Your loved ones in spirit world exist within you and around you. (for more about how you can experience this for yourself read Jeanette's DARE TO BELIEVE book).

A LIVE show is an opportunity for you to feel your loved ones presence with you more strongly and to give them the chance of communicating with you.

To increase your chance of receiving a message think about your loved one(s) in the days leading up to the event and internally, telepathically, intend that they connect with you on the night.

It is a good idea to bring along either a photo of them, or a piece of jewellery or watch that belonged to them, this can help Jeanette get a better connection with them in the psychometry part of the show.

On the night RELAX - whenever they pop into your head just send them love - do not sit willing them through as tension can get in the way of communication.