Nu-me Pendant Silver

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Nu-me Pendant Full size

The Nu-Me is not just another protective pendant – it is unique. Compare our testing with that of any other protective pendant and you will see that it is streets ahead. 

No other protective pendant balances the personal energy system as well as protecting you from EMF and all disturbed energy, in the same way as the Nu-Me protective pendant. Embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies it will keep you calm in any situation, helps eliminate stress, boosts energy levels, aids your immune system and ensures you are protected 24/7.  

Regular size(3.5cm dia. or 1.38″) finished in silver or copper with Swarovski crystals set in the face. Giving maximum protection these are great for both men and women but not suitable for children under 12 years as they are the most powerful Nu-Me available. We recommend that if you have a health challenge or are electro sensitive that you wear this size. 

The Nu-Me comes in a gift pouch with a waxed cotton cord with a silver or copper clasp but can be worn on any chain or choker.


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