Learn to Heal- six 2 hour sessions Thursday nights 8pm -10pm UK time ( Friday mornings 9am -11am NZ time)

$ 350.00



Six two hour sessions to develop your natural healing abilities. 8pm till 10pm Thursdays (UK) 9am-11am Fridays (NZ) commencing 13th January 2022 via Zoom.

Course aims and objectives

 To introduce participants to natural healing through instruction, experience & reflection.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

feel healing energy in their hands

be aware of their own aura

scan another persons aura

locate the 7 main charkas in the human energy field

sense energetic blocks

clear & protect their energetic space using the rainbow breath

create a sacred space

demonstrate spiritual healing with a client in a chair and/or on a healing couch

sense when healing guides are present and allow the guides to work through them to assist in the healing of the patient

identify ways to develop their healing abilities, psychic awareness and intuitive awareness further


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