Introduction to Spirit Surgery

$ 95.00

Thursday 1st July 11am – 1pm NZ time


By the end of this two hour workshop you will know how to set up spiritual protection ready for doing Spiritual Surgery and have experience of working with two different kinds of surgeons. Your awareness of the presence of guides is likely to be enhanced and your ability to see and sense the aura will also begin to be developed.

You will also know how to clear energy after a session.

This is a taster session for Jeanette’s level five workshop within her ONLINE HEALER training program. It is suitable for existing healers who want to develop their skills. PLEASE NOTE that attendance at at Learn to Meditate online workshop with Jeanette is a pre – requisite for this workshop, there Jeanette will teach you how to drop into a meditative state quickly ready for the Spirit Surgery work.

Please note that you will need a person with you to do healing on. This person needs to pay separately for their attendance if they wish to receive a certificate from Jeanette. If they are just receiving healing from you there is no charge for them.

A massage table is preferred but is not absolutely necessary for this workshop.

Here is an overview of Jeanette’s ONLINE Healer training program. If you have already trained in Reiki or another similar modality you do not have to do all levels just attend those sessions that will add value to what you are already doing.

PRE-REQUISITE FOR ALL HEALING WORKSHOPS – Learn to meditate – Jeanette runs a two hour how to meditate  session for $40 – it will help you appreciate the nature of the Self and how to transcend it to do healing. This experiential learning is the platform for ongoing spiritual work and learning with Jeanette

Step 1  – Learn to heal for beginners – learning how to sense energy, chakras and blocks two hours $95

Step 1A- Introduction to Spirit Surgery (a taster session to discover if this modality is for you) – two hours $95

You can start healing family and friends from this stage

Step 2– Reiki First Degree $250 14 hours – if you have already training in Reiki or another similar modality you do not have to retrain with Jeanette

Step 3- Reiki Second Degree $350 14 hours -if you have already training in Reiki or another similar modality you do not have to retrain with Jeanette

You are able to practice professionally from here onwards

Step 4 – Spirit Surgery $350 14 hours

Step 4a – Sound Healing  Step 4b Emotional Reprogramming (both are optional extras) 2 hours each $40 each

Step 5 Reiki Master $500 14 hours- The attunement is given for personal growth plus Jeanette shares with you a series of powerful tools that will help you to gain mastery of the Self

Step 6 Advanced Spirit Surgery $350 14 hours

Step 7 Reiki Master Training – on application, & subject to online interview, this enables you to train others and run workshops online.


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