Hydrogen generating water bottle

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Hydrogen water is regular water with hydrogen gas added to it.

According to some sources adding hydrogen gas to the water increases its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. It has also been touted to increase energy, slow down the aging process, and improve muscle recovery after a workout.

Benefits of drinking hydrogen water:

1. Improve cellular health & nutrient absorption

2. Improvement of blood glucose & HbA1c levels in diabetes mellitus

3. Better hydration for your body leading to increased blood circulation

4. Helps to lower saturated fat levels

5. Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin

6. Memory improvement in aged individuals & may reduce constipation problems

7. Aids the lowering of cholesterol levels.

Made of high borosilicate glass, high quality and safe to use. It only takes 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be drunk directly. Super convenient both at home or on the go, just pour bottled water into the hydrogen generator and wait a few minutes till the light colour changes.


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