Click for Personal Customer Price $103.50 – PXP Royale 30 servings.

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As the retail price for a 30 servings bottle is $150 + shipping and a 90 servings bottle is $275 + shipping we offer a FREE Sign Up as Personal Customer.

How does it work?

By placing this order you will automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions that you can find by clicking here T & C Agreement Personal Customer

After receiving your order we will use your contact details from your order to set up your own Personal Customer order page. You will receive an email with Login details and you can order at your leisure.

The Place an order tab in your order page gives you two options:

Place a regular order: where you can choose any size to order any time at your leisure; 1x 30 servings for $103.50 + shipping and 1x 90 servings for $235.75

OR Autoship: where you order 2x 30 serv bottles automatically send to you monthly. Autoship is 2x 30 servings for $161 + shipping

Also with this order a complementary Free; 7 days Health, Vitality & Wellbeing Journal


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