Jeanette hostsĀ  a monthly ONLINE LIVE event on her Facebook Group THRIVE WITH JEANETTE

Humanity is waking up. These are exciting times and there is power in connecting together in groups.

The spiritual journey has steps and stages; an experience causes a shift within you, a step up if you like and then there is a period of consolidation ( a stage) to see if you can hold the higher, finer vibrations.

Sometimes we do, and sometimes we slip back down to our old way of being.

Connecting with others who are spiritually orientated helps us experience more shifts and also helps us to consolidate those shifts.

Join me ONLINEĀ  at THRIVE WITH JEANETTE for a session that I promise will be informative, inspiring & uplifting.

The April 12th 2019 recorded session explored the nature of healing, how it works and why sometimes it doesn't. You can see the recording of this at the group page

My May 17th 2019 recorded session is exploring orbs and other photographic phenomenon - post me your photos at THRIVE WITH JEANETTE in readiness for this session - have I got some AMAZING photos to share with you!

Together we can thrive