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A healing gift

"Don't forget the ones that can't see. The ones that can't see can still feel the vibration."

This was the cryptic message one of Jeanette's guides gave her when he met her on the London Underground 24 years ago.

At the time Jeanette didn't understand the message. Now, using sound and light technologies to heal, Jeanette's clients and audience members often say that they can feel the vibration.


Zoe's Healing

Sharon's Healing

Aldo's Healing

Psychic Phenomenon

Over the past 24 years Jeanette's guides have helped countless people with all manner of mental, emotional and physical conditions.

Photographs taken during these healings show a variety of phenomena.

To book a ticket at one of Jeanette's PSYCHIC SURGERY shows click on EVENTS and then the event you wish to attend. Private healings can be booked in the shop area. 

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