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Workshops that EMPOWER

"There is no-one who cares more about your development than you."

Jeanette offers a range of healing, psychic development and self-development workshops suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

The EASIEST way to book a workshop is to find the one you are interested below, note the date and then go to the CALENDAR  section in EVENTS. As you scroll down the event details there is an option to purchase.




Suitable for beginners. Four sacred REIKI attunements gently open students energy bodies to the beautiful energy that is Reiki.  Students learn a series of easy to remember hand positions that they can use to treat themselves, family members and friends.

Jeanette describes Reiki as "one of the most powerful tools available to us for personal and planetary transformation"


New Plymouth 12th & 13th May 2018

Whangarei 8th & 9th September 2018

Auckland 15th & 16th September 2018


An intermediate level workshop that allows a more powerful experience of the REIKI energy.  Reiki Second degree is designed to take Reiki practitioners to a level where they can start working professionally on others. There is just one sacred REIKI attunement at this level that enables the student to send healing through time and space so they can send DISTANT HEALING to others and to their own past and future. It's a powerful attunement that feedback shows has long-lasting impact on student's lives.


New Plymouth 2nd & 3rd June 2018

Whangarei  29th & 30th September 2018

Auckland 6th & 7th October 2018

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Students receive the FULL Reiki Masters attunement but at a fraction of the full cost. This enables them to progress as far as they can with REIKI but without taking on the commitment to teach students themselves. Jeanette also shares on this workshop her favourite tools for self development; clearing conscious and unconscious blocks, inner child work & working with the angels of karma.


New Plymouth  1st & 2nd December 2018


This typically takes 1 to 2 years to complete and consists of the trainee Reiki Master co-delivering with Jeanette 2 or 3 of EACH of the above workshops, until they, and Jeanette feel that they are confident to host the workshops themselves.  For more about this please email


Students wear white for this POWERFUL weekend learning how to work with the ENTITIES OF LIGHT.

Psychic sensitivity is often heightened with many students reporting enhanced intuition, clearer seeing and sensing and some seeing the aura or sensing the presence of guides for the first time.


Auckland 26th & 27th May 2018

New Plymouth 16th & 17th June 2018




A great starting point for your journey of exploring your own individual psychic gifts. Jeanette explains and runs mini sessions on

  • clearing your space
  • protection
  • psychometry
  • crystals
  • tarot
  • past lives
  • connecting with guides
  • identifying your strength; clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience?
  • telepathy


Auckland 30th June & 1st July 2018


An advanced class for people keen to take their development to the next level, This weekend is run by one of Jeanette's Teacher guides and is tailored to the needs of those attending.




TRANSCENDING THE SELF - Brilliant to help you understand the nature of the Self. You cannot transcend/ go beyond what you do  not know. In this session Jeanette introduces you to a powerful meditation process that lifts the veil on who you truly are. Investment $20

Next Workshops : Havelock North Saturday  5th May 10am till noon, & Sunday 6th May 10am till noon. See CALENDAR  to book.


An introduction to the tarot. Learn how to give a basic reading to yourself or another & received a reading yourself from another workshop participant.

Investment $40 Next workshop : Havelock North Saturday 5th May 2pm till 4pm

DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE - Sit with a group of like minded souls to learn how to develop your intuition and see, hear and sense spirit world and your guides. Suitable for people who know how to meditate or people who have attended TRANSCENDING THE SELF. Investment $40

Next workshop Sunday 6th May 2pm - 4pm Havelock North



I had read at least one of Jeanette’s books and seen her TV show; tried various meditation courses over the years and wasn’t sure I was exactly ‘getting it’ when an acquaintance asked me if I wanted to go to a five day Spiritual Development course with Jeanette Wilson in New Plymouth.  It was an unlikely request from someone I  didn’t know well, who was looking to share travel/accommodation and figured I was in a position to take a week’s leave from work (it was around 2004 and I was working full time).  Looking back, I now know the timing was right for me to expand my own spiritual practice and thank the Universe for finding a way to give me a gentle nudge.  I’m very much a believer in synchronicity.  There were 12 people on the course and they came from Auckland, the South Island, some were local and two of us from Hawke’s Bay.  The five days were truly amazing and the spiritual learning expansive.  Every day we explored something different – psychometry, past lives, tarot card readings (I’ve used Osho Zen cards ever since), crystals and much, much more … including a different meditation each day.  I believe it was the first time I truly meditated, guided by Jeanette, and I was able to connect with my Spirit Guides and my people in Spirit.  So I bought Jeanette’s meditation CD to continue the practice – and have loaned it to many others since then.  At the request of the participants, Jeanette also ran an evening hands-on healing workshop where we could explore our healing abilities with others in the group.  I feel extremely blessed to have been able to attend for five days as shortly afterwards Jeanette decided to run shorter, specialised workshops.  If Jeanette ever decided to do a retreat type workshop like this again, then I would highly, highly recommend it.

Jacqui Hartley-Smith, Havelock North, New Zealand      

Reiki Master 3a