If you would LOVE to be able to heal - the best way I know to start to unfold your healing gifts is learning REIKI.

Over the course of a weekend you receive FOUR sacred Reiki attunements that gently open your energy bodies to the beautiful REIKI energies. You are also taught the history of Reiki and how to position your hands on the body to heal others and yourself. At the end of the workshop you are able to give healing to yourself, family and friends.

If you then decide you would like to learn how to heal professionally then there is Second Degree Reiki another very practical weekend where you receive a further attunement to increase the amount of healing energy you are able to channel. You also learn how to use the sacred Reiki symbols to send healing over a distance and to heal emotional issues.

Here are the details of forthcoming workshops - you can book your place via the ONLINE SHOP.

Reiki First Degree - 3rd & 4th March in Marurewa, Auckland
Reiki Second Degree - 31st March & 1st April in Manurewa, Auckland

Reiki First Degree - 12th & 13th May in New Plymouth
Reiki Second Degree - 2nd & 3rd June in New Plymouth

Reiki First Degree - 8th & 9th September in Whangarei
Reiki Second Degree - 6th & 7th October in Whangarei