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Dear Jeanette & team,

I don't know how to thank you enough. Last week my sister & I came to one of you're shows in Glen Eden. We had a heck of a time getting in as it was booked out. We were so desperate we came without tickets & waited till the end of everyone going in to see if there was any leftover seats. It was meant to be and there were 2 seats downstairs with a great view. I didn't get chosen to come on stage and have a reading & was so disappointed, so when you said you were answering questions I knew this was my one and only shot. I was so desperate to have a message from my son who had died 4 months before from a brain tumour. With tears in my eyes I asked for help & I know Jeanette sensed I needed it, as I had heard her say she was too tired to do anymore readings to 2 other people, unbelievably she agreed to see me after signing books. I waited till the end & Jeanette talked to Logan for me. Straight away she said he was closing his eyes, which made sense to me as he had double vision towards the end. Then she said he was tapping his head, showing her that something had happened to him in his head, of course he had a brain tumour, but there was no way Jeanette could have known this. She also said he was with 2 females & a male guide, I have always believed that Logan would be being looked after by his grandmother, my mother who also died of cancer & my mums parents. He wanted me to know that this was a battle he couldn't win, which means so much to me, because of course I have feelings of "maybe if we had found it earlier, or tried something else", but even though he had a 80% he was never going to win. Then she said the most comforting thing she could have ever said, that Logan still gets into bed with you every night & when you smell him he is there. I sleep with his pyjama top under my pillow & I smell it every night. Before he passed over he crept into our bed every night, especially in the last 18months when he was going through chemotherapy & was feeling so rotten. For us to get that message has been truly wonderful. So comforting. We miss him so much, he was the baby of the family and only 7 years old, I know in my heart we will be together again. Thankyou so much Jeanette for doing that reading when you where obviously so tired, I only wish it had been on stage so that everyone had been able to see how remarkable it was. God bless

Hi Jeanette and her team, I was the first reading on your first show last Thursday and oh my goodness that evening continues to have an effect on me.

I am happy to elaborate later, in more detail, my thoughts and feelings about the evening but what I really wanted to do now was to say thank you and briefly describe what has happened since the show. For my husband and I the experience with Jeanette was a turning point in our lives. According to those closest to me, especially my father, it has been remarked, that I am a lot more at peace with things,and I myself know I am as I don't have to question anymore. It is such a luxury to find peace in such chaotic world, thanks for that!!

I have also had so many people that I encounter in my life, that I would never have picked, tell me how they feel about their spirituality, as they obviously feel I am not going to be critical considering they have seen, very publicly, where my heart lies. It has dragged all sorts of old friends and distant acquaintances out of the woodwork.

There is one friend I am very concerned about, that I haven't had much to do with recently and was very surprised to hear from, that desperately needs to find some answers. I know Jeanette is busy but do you have anyone else you could recommend in Auckland that could help bring her the peace I know she needs and I have!

Once again, thanks it was an awesome experience on the night, which was not what I was expecting as you can tell by my body language with my crossed arms and legs at the beginning. It continues to be an awesome experience for me personally and has given a wonderful opportunity for people around me to discuss something that's usually private and close to their hearts, but for fear of condemnation, don't share with others.

I am very keen to be involved in Jeanette's workshops when they get off the ground and I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series.

Good luck to you all! Regards,
Victoria Troake

This one really made me cry when I read it and Helen has kindly agreed that I may post it here to share it with others. It's a wonderful reminder of just how our loved ones in the spiritual dimensions can help us when we most need it. Love Jeanette

I was playing in a park in Birkenhead with my sister who was 5 yrs of age. I was eight, all of a sudden, I felt sick and it seemed as if the sky was about to fall out of the sky. The swing I was on went higher and higher. This voice said to me Daddy's gone. Then I realised it was my voice. I felt alone and sadness covered my world. I just knew the words were true but I didn't want to beleive it. Then I saw these 2 girls comming towards us and I knew they were coming to tell us that my Daddy (Dad) was dead. I swung on my swing higher and higher and hoped I might just fly away from these bearers of bad news. But this did not happen and as it happens the news was that my father had died. My life was not ever to be the same again and to this day, I have been involved in psychic phenomena which does exist here in NZ and throughout the world. I commend Jeanette for having the courage and foresight to use the gift that she has and hope to meet her one day to exchange stories from the other side. Peace to everyone here and beyond..... Dianne M

Hi Jeanette,

I enjoy your show.

We emigrated from the U.K to enjoy a better lifestyle, but our dreams were soon shattered when our gentle,smiling son Adam was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour out of the blue at age 11.

Whilst he became terminally ill he went blind, as soon as this happened he began to see into the Spiritual world and could tell us about the wonderful colours in Spirit world and messages from my Uncle Ken who died before Adam was born. I also lost twins at 6 months and he told me how they were growing up. He died at 12 and we were devastated and thought we had been through enough only to be told that we had 30 days to leave the house,we had been renting, saving up to buy it. It was very special to us because Adam had died at home.

We phoned a friend and he told us he had just gone into Real Estate and to look at this house. We went to look and the ladies nephew was visiting her that day who knew Adam from School but had moved away. The lady wanted us to have the house and we knew Adam had helped. He loved Bonsai trees and his favourite song was about a Lemon Tree. As we left we noticed there was a Lemon Tree in the garden and as we closed the gate we noticed the Oriental Letterbox, another sign from Adam. I phoned my Mum in London, she is very religious and does not believe in Spiritual things so as I was telling her how Adam had helped us, his picture fell off the wall, it had been there for 18 months and securely fastened. He was letting us know he had helped.

We miss Adam terribly but believe Angels walk among us and when their work is done are called home early.

Hope you enjoy our Story,


Good Evening.

In 1980 my parents were moving to Somerset from Sussex in the UK. For some reason I did not want them to go. It was a very strong feeling so much so I phoned them the day they were leaving and begged them not to go. I was told not to be silly they were looking forward to it. Six weeks later it was my fathers 69th birthday and I took my 2 children down for the weekend and baked him a fruit cake. His birthday was on the Monday and I had to leave on the Tuesday though they wanted me to stay.

As I was leaving I had to negotiate quite a difficult bend in their road, but something made me stop so that I could turn round and wave. My father stepped out in front of mum to particularly wave which he hardly ever did before.

The following Sunday at 0715 my mother phoned and said frantically that Dad had had a massive heart attack and died. There had never been anything wrong with him.

We had planned to go away in our caravan 2 weeks later and mum was insistant that we went. During the first night I woke for some odd reason and looked at the wall of the caravan and there was my fathers face superimposed on the wall. We stared at each other for a while and then he just faded away.

I have often had the feeling I have seen pictures before and know the phone is going to ring or a door is going to open etc. I have been told it is my imagination but I know this is not true.

Kind regards

Eileen Pomeroy

Dear Jeanette,

My daughter and I were the first up on stage last week,the 14th July at Papakura and I just wanted to share this with you.

It all started about 2 years ago when my daughter saw you on the Good Morning show and then she went and bought your book,which we both read and enjoyed.
After that we saw you at the Woman's Expo. Some time later my daughter was drawn into a bookshop one day for no special reason, but was pulled to your latest book, which she immediately bought.

I have since been to 2 of your shows,without my daughter, one at Papakura and the other at the Bruce Mason Centre. About 2 months ago, every time my daughter would walk into our family room the standard lamp we have would start flickering and then when she went out of the room it would stop. We didn't think too much of it the first time but after the 3rd or 4th time we then knew that someone was trying to get through to us.

The next day I went into your website to see when your next show was and to my luck your first show in Papakura was cancelled and it was rescheduled for July, which was perfect timing.

I got a group from my work to come and I knew that my daughter had to be there also, she was the strong link. It was absolutely overwhelming when you picked us first as I always thought it was Mum coming thru, but not Dad. My father has been gone for 18 years now and I can't thank you enough for the most amazing experience you gave us both.I t was so accurate and I don't expect you to remember ,but I had a mind blank about the name William, you were talking about a second name.

Well my husband who had been out of Auckland came home on Friday and My daughter and I were telling him all about it, and he said, Colleen my second name is William and my 2 grandfathers names were William. You can imagine our reactions.

I also had to confess to running into his car as I backed out of our garage, and yes my daughter was in the car with me and we could not get over that I only took a very small chip off the paintwork.

I feel all warm inside to think my parents are reunited as my mother struggled for many years without my father , she only passed on 3 years ago.

Keep up the good work and will see you again
Kindest regards
Colleen Whittaker


Hi there Jeanette & team.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you all, for all of your time and effort put into the making of your tv shows. I spend all week looking forward to the 30 minute time slot for Dare to Believe and then the rest of the week miserable that it was all over so quickly! And to Jeanette personally, I would like you to know that you have helped to confirm my faith in the spirit world. I had begun to reason that with no-one close to me that has passed, surely there would be no-one able to guide me through this lifetime.

Thanks to your show I have stopped this line of thinking and have accepted that there are guides with me, end of story. And with your help I have recognized the signs of when they are with me (I get shivers all around my body, but mainly on my back and arms...even if the room is lovely and warm!)

I feel truly blessed even to have this tiny insight and for that I will always be grateful.

May kindness follow you.
Erana Darlington.

Hi Jeanette

I am finally writing to tell you what a wonderful night July 14th, at Papakura turned out to be for us, as a family, because of the connections you got for us that evening.

We arrived, the five of us, two brothers and their wives one of which was me and the mother of the other wife. Just wanting to enjoy the evening with you and if by chance a connection with someone, well that would have been a bonus. Really I was hoping my darling mother would come through for me but hoped for the guys that either of their parents would be lovely as my husband had lost both parents by the time he was aged 17. His brother is 3 years older than him so both were really young to have lost both parents and they died within 3 years of each other.

It was in the part of the evening when you came into the audience and took jewellery from the audience. How my heart raced when you approached our side of the theatre and then our seats and I was able to give you the gold watch of my husband's father that he had received for 28 years service at his work, in 1953. How overwhelming for us all that you not only had the brother's Mother come through but Dad as well. You were with us a while and the messages were so exact, I could not help but cry with joy as I looked at my husbands face listening to you and his brother beside him. It was the most amazing experience for me personally and when you looked directly at me and asked if I knew a Ken as you had a strong connection and was quite insistent with me, I had a total blank , even though you seemed adamant.

Jeanette , it was only when driving home re-living the incredible moments that my husband realised and said it must have been his Uncle Len who came through to me, because he and I had shared a very special friendship. How I was cross with myself for not thinking of someone so obvious at the time, because I would have dearly loved to have heard from him. On reading your books I do understand that this is quite a common occurrence but on seeing how adamant you were, how frustrating this must be for you when you are faced with a blank stare !!

Thank you for the most marvellous night, I speak on behalf of us all that were there and I think the scepticism the guys had going "in" had certainly decreased dramatically by the time we came "out".

I continue to learn and to understand and your books certainly help with that side but to meet you and experience your readings personally, is beyond compare.

God Bless You


Hello Jeanette,

I just would like to say that I think it is great that you are sharing your gift in this way to help people, as a 21 year old myself it really does give me courage to develop my mediumship further.

I would like to say that I look up to you.

When I was 15 years old my grandfather passed before me whilst I was holding his hand. I felt settled and content that he had gone to a better place. Before me I saw his spirit rise. T