Sensing spirit before a show

Before a show Andrew and I feel the energies of the theatre build, particularly when it is a theatre we are familiar with. There is often a spirit presence waiting for the show to start. These photographs were taken an hour or so before the Upper Hutt show. A professional photographer present at the show observed these photographs being taken and confirmed that they are not tricks of the light. So what are they?




During the show - spiritual energies can also be photographed


 Here are some spirits arriving at a show with their living family members - note top left and to left of the man facing the camera.



 Mandalas of Light

Is it possible that Spirit are appearing as balls of light or is this the build up of spiritual energy necessary to facilitate communication, or something else entirely? Of the photographs we have collected so far they seems to be different sizes and have different intensities of light. Look at the circle top left. Can you see the pattern within the white circle?


 As you can see the mandalas of light or orbs as some people call them move from moment to moment. As part of our research we have discovered several websites about orbs, some consider they are paranormal phenomenon and others they are the effect of a camera flash on dust or water particles.

In our own experiments we have found that dust particles do appear on photographs as orbs but there tends to be a whole cloud of them, individually they are less distinct that the ones we have photographed at other times.

One would reasonably expect a theatre to be dusty and so you would perhaps expect to see lots of smaller orbs rather than just the one main one that looks to be about a foot across at the Upper Hutt show. With dust particles we have not been able to replicate the intesity of light shown on the orb at the interval with Jeanette. So there is more research to do. Can we communicate with a particular Orb and then recognise it again? Can we take a picture of a person without the orbs and then with them as they invite their loved ones in?

You will see a good selection of photos with spiritual phenomena on in the healing section of this website.

Unfortunately some of our best photos can't be shown here because of the privacy of the people concerned, but we will be adding to our collection very shortly. If you have an unexplained photograph you would like to share with us please email






 Photo of one of Jeanette's guides

During the show I am pulled to where I need to go to deliver a message. These photos taken during the show perhaps show where spirit energy is gathering ready for the next communication. Upper Hutt is the first show that we have 'experimented' with attempting to photograph Spirit. We will be taking more photos in the months ahead to see if we can understand the significance of this phenomenom more fully. We took several photos of audience members at the interval and all had spirit guides with them. Here is my own photograph taken at the interval the brightness of this particular mandala shows gives a new interpretation of the term working with the light :)