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Nu-Me Silver pendant compact


Product Information

Help your body fend off harmful Electro-magnetic Radiation with this eye catching New Zealand made pendant. The sylish pendant is a unique combination of three technologies - Willhelm Reich's (1897-1857) scientific discovery of moving and cencentrating life- energy (orgone, chi), vortex technology that spins life energy to create a bigger energy field and crystal technology to balance life energy.  

Jeanette's own experience with this pendant has been very positive. She has found it has helped strengthen her immune system, helped balance her chakra's (energy centres) and protected her from negative energies.

Wearing the pendant has helped Jeanette feel more energized, calmer and yet more alert mentally.

This product comes in two sizes regular which is 4.7cms in diameter and small which is 3.8cms. The regular size is the more powerful but some people may prefer the lighter weight of the compact. Both are the same price. Please specify on your order which size you would like.

For people who want the eneregy benefits of the Nu-me but do not like to wear pendants a clip version of the regular silver Nu-me is also available. This can be attached to a pocket/waistband. To order select this item and then specify on your order that you would like the clip version.

This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied it return it with your receipt for a full refund.


Product Code: SIL1

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