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Dare to Believe


Product Information

This book is very much aimed at people wanting to open up their full potential including psychic abilities in a healthy and holistic way. The heart warming stories that are so easy to read still form a significant part of this book and pave the way for the profund shifts that this book can create within you. In Dare to Believe Jeanette helps you to objectively assess your current perception of reality and then gives you a series of exercises that are designed to give you new insights and help you to expand your own awareness. Before you know it you are seeing the world and your place in it with new eyes. Awakening to who you truly are. Many have described Jeanette's first two books as "unputdownable" this one we think you will be putting down - to try out the different exercises and find out just what is possible for you!

A CD of Jeanette's voice guiding you through the series of meditations suggested in this book is also available through this website


Size & Pages 196mm x 126mm 207pp
ISBN I-86941-768-2
Publisher Random House New Zealand



Product Code: DARF2

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Dare to Believe Meditation Cd

For the first time I have been truly able to deeply meditate and enjoy the experience. Beautiful meditations. Meaningful experiences with Jeanette's help. Highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to grow more spiritually aware. Thankyou Jeanette for a gift that keeps on giving.

Tracey Gibb :: Nov 14 2014, 02:02 AM

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