Having trouble with your shoulders?

Margaret (name changed) saw me recently at a healing workshop complaining of a frozen shoulder. In minutes the block cleared and flexibility returned. Understandably she was thrilled but also had lots of questions for me about how come it had been so easy to fix? and how exactly did the healing work?

This is part of the explanation I gave her. If you are having trouble with your shoulders see if any of this resonates with you - you could find your shoulders start feeling much better too!

Our bodies are made of energy. When we are well our energy flows easily, when we are stressed in any way the energy can tense in our bodies. The physical point at which our bodies tense gives us a clue to the underlying mental or emotional cause. (Louise Hay's Book You can Heal Your Life explains this brilliantly and lists many different conditions and their likely causes).

Shoulders are all about the burdens or responsibilites we carry. What added responsibility did you take on at or about the time your shoulders started to be come tense/painful? A question for you - and you need to answer is honestly - is this rightfully your responsibility or should it really rest with someone else.

From experience I have found that left shoulders often are to do with the past or a woman and right shoulders to do with a man or the future. Place your consciousness in your shoulders notice how they feel. Imagine yourself putting your responsibilites down/giving them back to the person(s) they rightfully belong to. If you give them back to the person make sure you give them back with love. Notice what happens in your shoulders as you do this.

If you have found the cause the energy will start to flow again.

In Margaret's case, it was her right shoulder. She had taken over caring for her elderly father and he had since moved into a nursing home. The responsibility in Margaret's case had already been eased, so all I had to do was help the cells of the shoulder to relax. By allowing healing through me and into her shoulder, the energy within Margaret's shoulder was able to flow again. Margaret's body had then done the rest.

Our bodies have remarkable healing abilities when we allow them to relax and repair themselves.

Making better choices

The quality of the choices we make is often determined by the quality of the information that is available to us. For example - many people in New Zealand are giving their kids MSG (momosodium glutomate) several times a week. MSG can cause asthma, irritability, hyperactivity, depression, mood changes, migraine, infertility, chest pain, convulsions and numerous other conditions*. Reading the list of possible heath risks most parents would not choose to let their kids eat this stuff. But did you know that in New Zealand it is in most brands of potato chips? It appears on the ingredients not as MSG but as 621. Watch out for it on everything from soup and gravy mixes to pies. With this new information you can make a better choice for yourself and your family. It is useful to know that there are some brands of chips that are MSG free and that our purse power and letters can influence the manufacturers of the remaining brands to take the MSG out. * Source: The Chemical Maze