A calling

Jeanette was told of her healing abilities by 'Spirit' 23 years ago when she first awoke to the spiritual side of life. She initially trained with Jack and Jan Angelo of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in the UK. Jeanette describes them as "Wise and loving souls who were a great inspiration to me."

It was some months after the formal physical training that Jeanette then had her first experience of being taught to heal by Spirit and the remarkable account of what happened is given in Jeanette's first book Medium Rare.

Jeanette is probably best known for her mediumship but her first love was and is healing. She is a fully qualified healer for the National Federation of Spirtual Healers registered in the UK and New Zealand, a Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. She uses whatever is appropriate for the individual and allows herself to be guided by Spirit/God.


Jeanette has been filmed healing for television in New Zealand with her own series Dare to Believe that screened in 2005 & 2006 on TV3. The series has also aired in the UK, Israel and Italy.

Healing with sound and light

Since October 2008 the Entities (discarnate spirits) who work with Jeanette have allowed photographs to be taken of the healing work. These first photographs were taken at a private healing session:


Note the orb just below Jeanette's chin


 Since then Jeanette and others have taken literally hundreds of spirit photos at her public events a small selection are shown here:


Note the red orb on the wrist area

On the following photograph you can see a triple white orb on the upper arm and a green orb at the base of the spine. See below for an enlargement of the green orb.

This one is fainter but still discernible around the hands of the gentleman receiving healing.

In the following photograph Jeanette was indicating to the audience that the energy was being directed to the gentleman from her left hand and that this was a  good time to take pohtographs.


According to Physics light can't bend. What is this then?Watch the wave of light as it moves across the wall towards the client. Note the four beams of light entering the left brain that are visible on the second photo.

 Private Healing Consultations with Jeanette

Private consultations with Jeanette for healing in Orewa can be booked by phone to -027 6802701. Cost $75 for 30 mins & $95 for 45 mins. If you are terminally ill and facing financial hardship healing is by donation/koha.

If you are terminally ill and unable to travel to see Jeanette DISTANT HEALING may be suitable for you and/or you can email admin@jeanettewilson.com for more information about when Jeanette is likely to be in your area.

Distant Healing

If you would like Jeanette to meditate on sending you healing individually at an agreed time you can book a session through the Online Shop. The cost is $75 for a 30 minute healing. After you have booked this we will contact you to agree a mutually convenient time and date again we will need your name and address & a brief description of what it is you need healing for and ideally a recent photograph so that Jeanette can establish a strong link with you.

Remember that all healing comes from God and is only channelled through to this physical dimension by Jeanette and her guides.

Healing does not take the place of conventional medicine but is complimentary to it. You should continue to follow your medical professionals advice and to take any medicines recommended by them.