Welcome to Develop your own psychic abilities

To develop your own psychic abilities, you need a belief or an openness that such abilities do exist....
Try saying to yourself "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I suddenly became more aware of my psychic abilities", "Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to talk with my guides" or "Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up knowing I had experienced a significant dream" and notice what happens.

Paying attention

For anything in our lives to increase we need to pay it attention - (notice how beautifully this works with your waistline and bills) - allow yourself to reflect over your life and see all the times you received guidance in some form or another, perhaps a gut feel or an in-tuition. Start paying attention to all similar experiences and perhaps keep a note of them in a diary, start noticing just how often the guidance proves to be correct.

Ask for guidance. Ask your guides to help you find the perfect car, outfit, house, person, car parking space. It's best to start with the smaller stuff first that way you can learn how to interpret the different information you receive without your whole life depending on it. In time your confidence will grow and you will learn which kind of information you can safely trust, and which you can't. As a general rule it is best to trust the feeling you have over the voices you hear.


Your abilities will develop through practice and you may want to try one of the following:

This first exercise is designed to help you find out what is mind stuff, your own thoughts and what is intuition. Take a deck of regular playing cards and sit holding one card at a time face down. I find it useful to hold my left hand over one card at a time for this particular exercise. Intend to be shown if the card is red or black, you may see the card, see just the colour, you may get a feeling hot or cold or may hear "Red" or "Black" in your head. Just notice what happens and where within you the information comes from. Notice do you feel open and relaxed or tense? Allow yourself to be open and to 'receive' the information in whatever way is appropriate for you.

See how many out of 10 you can get right - 4- 6 is considered ' normal' - 8,9,10 or 1 , 2, 3 are worth investigating further, getting more than average wrong can still indicate you are doing something.

Test your psychic abilities

Test your psychic abilities at http://www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/ This is a test in retro kinesis - can we affect random numbers previously generated? You get to see your results on either a clock face or a bell curve - it can be fun & a little addictive. Happy Experimenting!