From Traditional English Bank Manager

AboutJeanetteWilson_11282.jpgJeanette Wilson found her whole life transformed when, at the age of 31 she started seeing spirit world for the first time. Before this Jeanette Wilson had been a bank manager with Lloyds Bank in the UK. Jeanette Wilson was in her second managerial appointment, holding professional qualifications in banking and marketing, when Jeanette Wilson's deceased grandfather started talking to her. Within 24 hours, Jeanette Wilson was not only seeing and hearing her grandfather but the deceased relatives of those around her. Seeing the spirits wasn’t the worst of it, however, “the noise of them all talking and shouting at once was totally unbearable” says Jeanette – So Jeanette Wilson first had to learn how to close down her natural ability. Jeanette Wilson continued to work for Lloyds Bank for a year while her new knowledge and abilities sunk in. In the meantime Jeanette Wilson was headhunted by Credit Suisse and was offered a position working in New York, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. “I decided that if I was on my death bed reflecting on my life, I didn’t think I would regret not being a bank manager, but I may regret not exploring the spiritual side of life more and finding out more about what was possible.” Jeanette Wilson decided to put her energies into exploring her new abilities and travelled around the UK for a time working with other mediums and clairvoyants and practising her skills.


Before her own spiritual awakening Jeanette Wilson was sceptical about things like mediumship and clairvoyance. “It is easy for someone to read your body language and tell you general information that would fit anyone” explains Jeanette Wilson. “So when I work, I ask my guides to give me information that I could not possibly know and which is unique to the individual…I usually ask for their name, their relationship to the person I am working with, how they died and then a light-hearted piece of information that would only make sense to them." And Jeanette Wilson usually gets it.


“I am totally committed to raising mediumship to the highest possible level and my guides know that”
– her shows and feedback from many satisfied international clients are evidence of this.

England to New Zealand and a Family

Jeanette Wilson met her partner, Andrew, in 1998 and was soon expecting daughter, Sarah. Jeanette Wilson left the UK in 1999 – to have quality time with her new family – “Word gets about very quickly in this line of work, and of course your satisfied clients come back time and time again - I was finding it really difficult balancing family time with the demands of clients - coming to New Zealand with my partner was an absolute Godsend – it gave us all time-out and a chance for a more normal life.” In 2002 Jeanette Wilson was guided to set up the Dharmic Trust - - a charitable trust with humanitarian aims for the betterment of mankind. Then in 2003, with the lifting of the GE moratorium, Jeanette Wilson decided she could be silent no more. Jeanette Wilson decided to use her abilities to help raise the awareness of the dangers of GE and raise funds for groups opposed to GE being released into New Zealand’s food chain and environment. Her decision has brought unprecedented success. Jeanette Wilson’s first show in New Plymouth, her home town, sold out in just three days. Demand was so great, another show had to be organised for later that month. Further shows followed in Wanganui, Palmerston North, Whangarei - and again, follow up shows had to be arranged to cope with the demand. The Hawera show took everyone by surprise – Jeanette Wilson’s show filled the theatre to capacity for the first time in years!

Books & Television

Jeanette's first book Medium Rare came about mainly in response to the many questions she was asked at her live mediumship shows. It tells the story of her journey from Bank manager to medium and is a fascinating read. It soon attracted the attention of 20/20's investigative reporters and within days a television crew had flown to Jeanette's home to see if her abilities were for real. Within the week Jeanette was offered her own prime time television series Dare to Believe that screened in New Zealand on TV3 in 2005 and 2006.

Futher books have followed  - Rare Moments helps readers understand what it is like to be a medium and this was soon followed by Dare to Believe, a book to help readers develop their own abilities in a holistic way. Jeanette's latest book Backstage with Jeanette deals with the more emotional situations Jeanette has had to deal with over the years. Just what do you say to someone who has lost a child or whose son has committed suicide? It contains moving & beautiful poetry inspired by Spirit.


Jeanette often travels around New Zealand demonstrating that there is life after death; that our loved ones continue to love us and watch over us on the other side of life. That we are essentially spiritual beings, and that by becoming aware of ourselves as such, life takes on more meaning and purpose. “Life is an amazing gift” Jeanette explains “Once we understand that we are connected to, and part of the whole, we start taking more care of ourselves, each other and this planet. We develop within us a deep reverence for all life - and look at ways we can work with nature, not against it."

When not 'on tour' Jeanette works as a spiritual healer & teacher in Orewa